Simple Linux Server Monitoring

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Server Monitoring, the easy way

Server Monitoring tools can be complicated to setup and often are limited to specific tasks.
Not any more.

Easy to install

Download our easy to use installer and get started within minutes.

Supports all modern Linux Distros

Our tool works with RHEL, CENTOS, Ubuntu, Debian etc.


Our monitoring client is lightweight and uses almost no resources from your server. All data processing is done on our side.

Customizable Monitors

Monitor many different aspects of your server, all configurable in your ServerAngel control panel.


Setup Email, PushOver, SMS, WebPush Notifications or use a Webhook.


Collect historical data for up to a year.

  • ServerAngel is like a guardian angel that watches over my Server.

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So many things to keep track of

Track all these data points and trigger Critical or Warning Alerts

Memory Usage

Systems without swap memory can have issues when the memory usage reaches 100%, We recommend to monitor the memory usage.

Swap Usage

Swap memory is very slow and can degrade the performance of your server, higher levels of swap usage means you need to upgrade server or reconfigure your services.

Cpu idle

Check if your cpu`s are being maxed out. If this happens you either need to optimise your software or increase the server capacity.

Cpu irq/wait percentage

A CPU spending to much time on IRQ waits is a sign of a hardware problem or bad drivers.

Cpu io/wait percentage

A high IO/Wait percentage often means that your hard drives cannot keep up with the demand of your programs. Upgrade to SSD or 10K SCSI drives to avoid this problem.

Cpu user percentage

An indication of how much percent of your cpu is used by your programs.

Cpu system percentage

An indication of how much percent of your cpu is used by the kernel

1m Load Average

Detect high load values based on the 1 minute average load values.

5m Load Average

Detect high load values based on the 5 minute average load values.

15m Load Average

Detect high load values based on the 15 minute average load values.

Active Processes

How many active processes are currently running, alerts can be useful to find misconfigurations such as a crontab starting program that never quit.

Total Processes

Total number of processes on your server, if this number gets to high there might be something wrong.

Disk Space

Space usage on a mounted volume. Detect if your volumes are filling up, very recommended on volumes where you store your data.

Disk Inodes

Inodes usage on a mounted volume. Detect if your inodes are reaching the maximum allowed for this volume.


Status of a Linux SoftRaid array. Receive notifications when the array changes between 'OK','RECOVERING' and 'DEGRADED'.

Disk Space Spike

Detect when there are large disk space changes in a period of time. This could indicate that a large amount of data has been uploaded or deleted.

Total Bytes Transmitted

Total bytes send in the measured time

Total Bytes Received

Total bytes received in the measured time

Average Receiving Speed

Average Receiving speed in the measured time

Average Transmitting Speed

Average Transmitting speed in the measured time

OS Updates

Track selected updates from your Operating System


Get notified when a server stops reporting data.

Reboot Detection

Detect when a server has been rebooted

Time Offset

Detect if the internal clock of your server is offset

Process monitor

Detect if a specific process is down